Removals Stratford, E15, E20

Removals StratfordThe market for moving services in London is quite busy (much like the city itself). If you’re a homeowner or a business owner that is searching for a reliable moving company chances area that you’re having a hard time to navigate through the staggering number of offers for removals in Stratford that you can find online. Making the right choice goes through looking past the big advertisement promises and low prices. We believe that this is where our company actually stands out among others. Our service packages for relocation services offer so much more than affordable pricing. With us you’re getting real quality and the highest level of professionalism you can get. From the equipment we use to the moving specialist we employ we have all our bases covered and taken every measure for you to have your items transported in the fastest and safest way possible.

We do not just use any means of transportation for our customers’ belongings, furniture, office equipment and so on. The entire fleet of vehicles we own and use during the removals in Stratford  is a collection of high quality moving vans and trucks which are perfectly fit to transport any sort of cargo without any damage. Further, each of them comes with the necessary equipment to carry out the relocation including blankets, trolleys and GPS navigation system.

In our work we operate using very high quality packing materials, which we can provide to our customers. In fact if you don’t have the time or simply do not feel confident to do the packing yourself we can handle that task for a nominal fee. We can supply you with top quality boxes, stretch foil, bubble wrap, boxes and other materials.

If you’re looking for something more small scale like moving only few pieces of furniture, small items, single or odd items we can still help you out. Hiring a man and van in Stratford is the safe and quick way to transport even the most fragile item anywhere in London. Between our highly experience movers and the full insurance coverage we include with each service package you can feel safe knowing that there is little change for anything to go wrong with your removal.

Call us to find out about the other service we can offer you, which include:

  • Furniture collection
  • Safe storage
  • Inter-city relocations
  • Thorough and clean junk removal

We’re available for contact seven days a week via phone or email. There is an entire dedicated team of customer support operators who can provide you with information about each separate service we offer and the pricing that is applicable to it. You can request addition information, ask for a service quote and discuss the details of your move. Whether you’re hiring a man and van in Stratford or organising a more complex large removal we can generally send you quote with an accurate estimate within 24 hours.

Call today and take full advantage of the most affordable moving service available to residents and businesses in Stratford. Don’t miss out on out low rates and special discounts. We’re the local moving company with the most transparent pricing. You can get a good idea from our reference price page – book two movers for a quick two hour job at £50 or half a day – £180. The only fees which will not be part of your service quote are the congestion and parking fees.

The town of Stratford is situated at little under 10 kilometres from Charing Cross near the edge of Inner London. The town is located on an ancient Roman road, as indicated by its name (Strætforda – “ford on a road”).  Throughout its history Stratford has been a primarily agricultural community, most notable for growing potatoes. However around the middle of the 18th century the area started becoming more and more desirable location for London’s bourgeoisie. It war around that time that industry began to also appear here. During the course of the next century Stratford gained importance as a transportation hub. There are a number of local landmarks in the town which include the Church of St John the Evangelist which was built in the first half of the 19th century. It its courtyard is the memorial dedicated to the Stratford martyrs – a group of Protestants who in the 16th century were burned at the stake for their religious beliefs.